PBW Tablets

  • Bottle of 2.5 gram PBW tablets 30 count.
Bottle of 2.5 gram PBW tablets 30 count. Bottle of 50 count PBW Tablets 2.5 g size. Bottle of 10 gram PBW tablets 12 count. Bottle of 40 count PBW Tablets 10 g size.

PBW Tablets

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PBW Tablets - Take the guesswork out of clean.

PBW (Powdered Brewery Wash) now in convenient tablet form is an environmentally friendly alkali cleaner. PBW Tablets dissolve quickly and easily in warm water. They are formulated to remove organic soils, such as leftover krausen. Safe for use on metals, rubber gaskets, tubing, plastic parts, and your skin.

Northern Brewer is thrilled to provide brewers with a new option for cleaning their homebrewing equipment. Five Star developed these tablets to simplify brewers’ cleaning regimen and reduce the amount of measuring, pouring, and spilling that may occur when using a powdered cleaner such as PBW. Throughout the product development process, Five Star worked with brewers to incorporate their feedback and ensure their cleaning needs were met. The end result is a tablet that makes cleaning easier and leaves brewing and drinking vessels looking like new. Offered in two sizes to me your cleaning needs!

  • One 2.5g tablet will make 32 oz. of cleaning solution
  • One 10g tablet will make 1 gal. of cleaning solution

PDW Tablet Features:

  • Removes soils from difficult areas
  • Effective substitute for caustic soda cleaners and household cleaners
  • Works with a range of temperatures
  • Effective in hard and soft water
  • Great for growlers, carboys, spray bottles, and kegs

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43555 - PBW Tablets 2.5g - 30 cnt
43556 - PBW Tablets 2.5g - 50 cnt
43557 - PBW Tablets 10g - 12 cnt
43558 - PBW Tablets 10g - 40 cnt

Powdered Brewery Wash Tablet Instructions:

  1. FILL a container with water at a temp between 100°F to 140°F.
  2. DROP in tablet at recommend rate.
    - One 2.5g tablet per 32oz. of water.
    - One 10g tablet per gallon of water.
  3. DISSOLVE tablet completely into solution.
  4. SOAK equipment for 15-30min. Use a brush as needed, heavy soil loads may require longer soaking.
  5. RINSE with water that is the same temp as cleaning solution. 


Looking for the traditional powdered form of PBW?

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