Cab Merlot Wine Kit - Master Vintner® Winemaker's Reserve

  • Cab Merlot Wine Kit box by Master Vintner Winemakers Reserve

Cab Merlot Wine Kit - Master Vintner® Winemaker's Reserve

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A popular blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot that results in a smooth red wine, balancing a beautiful berry bouquet with full oaky character. Cabernet Sauvignon provides structure to the blend by offering its firm tannins and acidity to balance Merlot's lush soft fruity flavors.

Food Pairings:
Slow cooker pot roast, barbecued beef, or braised lamb shanks

Yield: 6 Gallons | Body: Full | Oak: Light | ABV: 12.9%

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Yeast Format Dry
Wine Color Red
Wine Style Cabernet Sauvignon,Merlot
Includes Grape Skins No
Yield 6 Gallons
Food Pairings

Slow cooker pot roast, barbecued beef, or braised lamb shanks

Oak Intensity Light

Customer Reviews

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Adam L.
Quality Kit

This one definitely hit the mark for us. I’ve made several kit wines, and this one has some of the smoothest tannins and expression of fruit from a kit in this price range. It’s around 6 months old in bulk storage right now, and will bottle soon, but I’ll definitely be reordering this one.

Mark D.

All good

Patric C.

New! Cab Merlot Wine Kit - Master Vintner Winemaker's Reserve

Catherine B.
Master Vinter CabMerlot

Wonderful vin nouveau so far, still aging

James F.
Tasty, however....

I have been making kit wines for nearly two years. In that time I have prepared well over a dozen batches and 10 different wines. I think I learn something with nearly every batch and the results have been surprisingly exceptional. Early on I began filtering with enhanced results. With the Cab Marlot, I followed directions and filtered before bottling. The wine has the full body of the cabernet and the smoothness of the merlot, however, there is still a high level of silt in the bottles. I guess I should have double filtered, but did not see that when bottling.