Maelstrom® Stir Plate

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Maelstrom® Stir Plate

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Easy to use with an intuitive interface, the Maelstrom® sets the new standard as the most powerful and versatile homebrewing stir plate ever created.

The first industrial-grade programmable stir plate designed specifically for yeast starters.
Breed a Herculean army of yeast for brewing bigger beers than ever before. Powerful rare earth magnets churn through any size starter and never throw a stir bar. Five-speed control adapts to sizes from minute to mammoth, for starters in a 1L flask to a 5-gallon carboy.

Command a massive starter while you’re at work or over the weekend. Let it run indefinitely or program up to 48 hours of stir time. Schedule to settle out yeast just in time to come home and brew.

Watch Maelstrom® surge through starter wort. The transparent body shows the magnets whipping through rotation. Plus, a seamless plastic surface makes for easy cleaning.

  • Now includes a 50mm stir bar!
  • Five distinct speeds to accommodate starters up to 5 gallons
  • Scheduling function for up to 48 hours
  • Seamless body for easy cleaning & maintenance
  • Powerful magnets will never throw a stir bar
  • Translucent body lets you watch the magnets in rotation
  • Standard 12V Power Adapter
  • Large 8” W  x 8 ½” L stirring platform
*You may also need a flask.

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Customer Reviews

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Save your money

Typical digital BS. When it works it is fine. when it does not, it is landfill.

Charles W.
Amazing Machine!

This was my first attempt with a yeast starter and using the Maelstrom Stir Plate. I used a liquid yeast and one Canned Wort and in 24 hours I had a starter from hell! I poured the starter into my cooled wort and fermentation started within an hour. If only I had known of this benefit sooner. This will be my process going forward. Well worth the investment!

Maelstrom Stir Plate

I am always amazed when I read the number of good reviews for this plate. I own two Northern Brewers stir plates. One of their originals which which was not very expensive but simply couldn't handle starters any larger than 1.0L. Bought one of the Maelstrom plates expecting a powerful stir plate, as they advertise it as such. It won't even start itself with nothing on it. I have to use a small steel tool to get it started. Half the time when I put a 1.5L flask on it, it stops. Start it by hand again, sit the flask back and hope it stays running. Forget any speed adjustment or creating a whirlpool, just feel lucky if it keeps the stir bar moving. Envious of you folks that have one which actually works. Northern Brewer not good at standing behind their products. I could comment on their Steelhead pump but enough for now.

Nice Stir Plate!

This stir plate is really nice. I built one years ago out of a hard drive magnet, computer cooling fan and a cigar box. This was a major upgrade. I especially like the count down timer function. The only reason I gave 4 of 5 stars is that the transformer/power cord that mine came with was complete garbage. It semi-worked one time and then it was dead. Thankfully the stir plate uses a standard 12v 1000ma wall wort and I had a drawer full of them.
Besides providing a better quality power adapter the only upgrade I think this bad boy needs is some internal bling lighting. Highly recommend!!

Douglas B.
Works Great!!

I'm now able to do up to 10L starters. Awesome.