Curt & Kathy's Blackberry Melomel Mead Kit

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Curt & Kathy's Blackberry Melomel Mead Kit

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Another Curt and Kathy creation, this melomel also uses a sweet mead for a base, but adds blackberry puree instead of raspberry during secondary fermentation.

This adds tannin as well as acid into the flavor complex; combined with the deeper color of the fruit, this melomel has elements of a sweet late-harvest red wine or ruby port mixed in with the floral high notes of wildflower honey.
Prominent elements of a sweet late-harvest red wine or ruby port mix in with the floral high notes of wildflower honey to give you a truly irresistible mead.

Kit Includes:
  • 15 pounds of Wildflower Honey
  • 6 pounds of Vintner's Harvest Blackberry Puree
  • Lalvin 71B-1122 - 2 packs
  • Yeast Nutrient and Energizer
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    Mead lovers delight!

    I used half the ingredients that came in this kit and made an excellent mead. Just used half the honey in the kit and substituted an equal amount of corn sugar. The honey is so influential in the flavor that only half is really needed - there is no mistaking it for anything but MEAD. I also only fermented one of the cans of Blackberry puree in it and added an all natural Blackberry flavor additive to the finish - this actually brings out more berry flavor. Hindsight - i will only add half of a Blackberry additive to the next batch, not realizing how bold the flavoring is. Drink this kit responsibly - it's potent!

    Good kit, comes with everything you need to brew your melomel

    So far everything is going great, I forgot how easy brewing mead/melomel can be. Everything showed up taped up and wrapped nicely, the must is fermenting in 1st stage now, when I rack to second stage and add fruit purée i’ll Update and again with bottling. Going to be a wait though, this recipe as most meads do, calls for 6 months to age properly.