American Oak Infusion Spirals - Heavy Toast

  • Heavy toast American Oak Infusion Spirals

American Oak Infusion Spirals - Heavy Toast

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American Oak Infusion Spiral Heavy Toast brings pronounced caramelized, carbonized and toast flavors very quickly.

Infusion Spirals are easy to use, time saving, economical, environmentally friendly, as well as being high-quality.

Several years ago, Russell Karasch of the Barrel Mill in Avon Minnesota came up with a wonderful idea: Create an oak alternative that delivers as good or better results than the American and French Oak barrels currently used to create premium wines. And he did just that. Not only did he create this perfectly toasted oak alternative, but he did so in a way that gives you unrivaled taste and aroma, while saving you time and your bottom line. Infusion Spirals are made of ultra premium American & French Oak sapwood, no bark, no knots. This unique process distributes the flavor evenly and can fully flavor a barrel in as little as six weeks.

American Oak Spiral (2-pack Heavy Toast) 1" x 8"

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SKU 40553

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mike B.

The oak spirals gave the Chardonnay just the added flavor, smell and taste I was looking for!!

Jacob M.

Used the heavy spiral for 6 weeks to turn some white dog into heavenly bourbon. afterwards used the spiral in an apfelwein to really add some bbarrel aged character

Paul V.
3 sticks/5 gal for 6

3 sticks/5 gal for 6 wks not long enough. maybe 6 will do

Kevin P.
Good product

Just what I was looking for!! Strong, lite, and easy to clean!

They are worth the trouble of using them!

You need to make sure that the package you receive is sealed or they will be worthless. Even then, they should be sterilized before adding to your wine. I would highly recommend using them in your glass carboy.