Champagne Floor Corker

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Champagne Floor Corker

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The Champagne Floor Corker is the same as our Italian Floor Corker, but features an oversize iris opening to accept champagne corks. This corker works with both champagne corks and Belgian corks.

Easy to use with high quality corks and large enough to eliminate stooping down for each bottle, like on smaller units.

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Customer Reviews

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Kay B.

Really like this... sooooo easy. We had struggled with an old capper/corker and just got tired of fighting with it. Only down side was had to find capper attachment somewhere else (Midwest soes not carry it. But it works very easily too.

Gene S.
Corking Sparkling Wine

The Champagne Corker is a waste of money in the fact that you cannot use the champagne corks sold here for the American champagne bottles also sold here. They are not compatible. The corks are too large and cannot be removed from the bottles. Midwest needs to sell compatible products.

Please consider our belgian beer corks. It is true the champagne corks will not work well in the champagne bottles we currently sell, because the corks are meant for european bottles. It takes some work, but you can get the corks inserted. The belgian beer corks fit easier and I would recommend sticking to those corks for sparkling wines/beers. Customer service will contact you to help with your situation!

Robert S.
Waste of Money

I cannot seem to get this corker to work correctly, that's the bottom line. The bottle holder isn't correct for the champagne bottles Midwest sells. The final position of the compressed cork isn't aligned with the bottle and as such will cause the cork to crack during insertion. I have tried now for over a year utilizing this corker with much studying and research between times, even contacting Midwest about it. I have read some good reviews on this corker and for the life of me cannot understand how someone can give this item a good review??? If someone cannot convince me I am doing something wrong in the useage of this corkeer, my final review is Midwest should refund everyones money who bought one of these and discontinue carrying this model. Over the past several years I have bought supplies exclusively from Midwest with great results, until this item. Perhaps it is time to look to a different supplier?

Windel W.
Works great

Nice build quality corks regular,magnum,and champane bottles

Something is wrong here.

Biggest complaint, no information on usage. Problems galore. American champagne bottles have too small an opening to accommodate the champagne cork they sell here, therefore doesn't work, ended up using a belgium ale cork but mechanism is not stable and something floats at the bottom causing multiple attempts to get the job done. NO schematics on how to operate or how to adjust... NOTHING. Called and they have no idea about support for this item.. Do yourself a favor... keep looking, don't stop here.