Wyeast 1388 Belgian Strong Ale Yeast

  • Wyeast 1388 Belgian Strong Ale Yeast

Wyeast 1388 Belgian Strong Ale Yeast

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Activator packs do not require the use of a yeast starter. Classic yeast for this beer style. Robust flavor profile with moderate to high alcohol tolerance. Fruity nose and palate, dry, tart finish. May continue to produce CO2 for an extended period after packaging or collection, while in refrigerated storage.
  • Pure pitchable yeast for brewing
  • Contains 100 billion yeast cells
  • Designed to directly inoculate 5 gallons of wort
  • Contains 125 mls (4.25 oz. or 128 grams) liquid yeast & malt-based nutrient blend

Styles: Belgian Blond Ale, Belgian Golden Strong Ale, Belgian Specialty Ale, Belgian Tripel, Bière de Garde, Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer

Wyeast Belgian Ale 1214 and Belgian Strong Ale 1388 are typically slow starters, often taking closer to 36 hours to show some inflation in the smack pack. We highly recommend using a yeast starter with these strains as the lag time to begin fermentation is typically longer than other strains​.

Keep refrigerated. Do not freeze.

Yeast cells are active and living organisms. A slight expansion in Wyeast packaging is normal and does not indicate poor yeast health. Certain strains, including 1056 and 1338, are more prone to expansion than others. Please visit the Wyeast FAQ for more details.

Additional Information

SKU Y1388
Yeast Style Belgian Ale
Yeast Format Liquid
Flocculation Low
Min Attenuation 74
Max Attenuation 78
Min Fermenting Temp 64
Max Fermenting Temp 80

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Wonderful Taste

I have made a few 5 gallon batches and I love the flavor!

Great in BGSA and BOMM!

Dynamite yeast for Duvel-like beers and a tremendous yeast for bringing fruity esters to meads. In meads, this yeast is VERY dynamic with temperature. In my experience with differ ferment temps: low (62F) gives and pretty clean profile with hints of peach, mid (68F) brings bigger esters, darker fruit, and high temps (72F+) really crank out an unmistakable Belgian ale profile.

Perfect for a Trappist style Belgian

Couldn't be happier with this yeast. I love Trappist dark ales (dubbels, tripels) and I love them slightly fruity- but not super spicy like cloves. So I ordered this and pitched it into a high OG wort._x000D__x000D_And then I temp logged it with my RaspberryPi + probe and kept a close eye on it's temperature.... I didn't let it get too hot. Active fermentation bumped the temperature up to 75 F (24.3/24.4C) and the wort sat for the rest of a 3 week primary at 22.7/22.9C. Then went into secondary for 3 weeks._x000D__x000D_It was perfect for my tastes- it was a clean taste, not too fruity, but hints of a phenolic spice is evident on the back end of tasting the beer. You're hit with an initially light fruitiness.... very smooth and dangerously easy to drink... and it finishes with the classic hint of spice. Not necessarily clovey. _x000D__x000D_Also- no matter how long you let it sit in secondary, be sure to bottle condition it. I keg- but after a week after being fully carbonated, the flavor smoothed out wonderfully. Patience is difficult with a belgian dubbel made by Wyeast 1388, but it's worth it (famous last words of a brewer)._x000D__x000D_The yeast did what I needed. And thank god I harvested some of it before dumping it. I'll be back to buy this after 2 or 3 harvests. I don't want to stray from this original strain at all. Love this stuff!

slow start, but good

I was worried that there might be a problem when I activated the smack-pack. I followed the instructions but after a few hours, the pouch hadn't expanded at all. I pitched it anyway, and fermentation started off slower than I had expected, but the batch seems to have turned out just fine. It hit the expected gravity range and it tastes good.

excellent yeast

my favorite yeast. fruity, phenolic and perfectly balanced.