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Distiller's Yeast (1 lb. bulk pack)

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Distiller's Yeast (1 lb. bulk pack)

SKU: Y009

Ferments up to 22% before slowing. Use nutrients to obtain the highest alcohol level prior to distillation (which of course is NOT legal as a beverage!). Usually not used for wines or beers. Sufficient yeast for approx 500 gallons


Ferments up to 22% before slowing. Use nutrients to obtain the highest alcohol level prior to distillation (which of course is NOT legal as a beverage!). Usually not used for wines or beers. Sufficient yeast for approx 500 gallons
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Distillers Yeast
So far seems to be doing what it's suppose to do.
January 12, 2016
good and fast
good and fast
March 5, 2016
works great
I love this yeast it is very hardy and taste good too. I have made hundreds of gals of mash with it best yeast for the price. My wife even made bread with it once.
October 26, 2011
Although I lack much expertise in the hobby, this yeast seems pretty top notch. I've used it for several batches already and the flavor was consistent; it's very active and I consider it a good value. I used this in combination with the yeast nutrient sold on this site, but this yeast did plenty of work on its own before stalling and needing the nutrient.
March 5, 2012
FAST and Furious
This is the fastest starting yeast I have ever used....I made up a cup of starter to pitch into my mead must, and when i came back a half hour later it was almost bubbling over the top of my mixing cup.
March 9, 2012
Great Stuff
This stuff works great with corn mash it has never let me down._x000D_its all i use even for sugar wash with nutrents.You wont be desapointed A++++++++++
March 30, 2012
This stuff takes off.. very active on day two through four then drops off and keeps going and going.. 12lb sugar in 4gal water went on for about two weeks and was still going steady.. i figure was @21% on day 13. very much worth the wait..
August 28, 2012
Time will tell how long a shelf life this has as I have subsequently read since my purchase that yeast are tender. Perhaps smaller packets? Use this with a yeast stimulant, nutrients or energizer to get the maximum oomph from a wash. My first attempt was 4.5% so I will take my own advice and re-try. It will apparently keep bubbling forever and I distilled at eleven days.
November 21, 2012
This stuff perked so hard in less than 12 hour it was blowing the water out of the airlock. went on for days like this!!
December 11, 2012
Corn Mash stands no chance against this
Add this to corn mash and it will consume all the sugar like a bear in a honey warehouse. I've also used it with success in Meade making. Don't use it for bottling beer, because it will create a bottle bomb as this yeast has much greater alcohol tolerance and will consume the extra sugar giving you too dry a beer.
December 31, 2012
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There are all kinds of products out there for sale called Distillers or Turbo yeast and yeast are all pretty much the same animal, So how can you tell that this yeast is better or produces more alcohol than say bakers yeast? People have no other choice than to by this yeast and set up 2 different fermenters with this and then some other yeast and do a comparison to see if it actually is better yeast. How does one know that this is not just plain old brewers or bakers yeast with a distillers yeast label on the bag??? I don't think there are many people who can send the yeast to a lab to make a genetic comparison to see if there is an actual difference.
T H on May 21, 2016

Yeast is not pretty much the same animal, just like you and I are likely not the same. There are different varieties, even different species. You may be better at things than I am and vice versa, and have a higher tolerance for certain things than I have, we both more than likely have a variance in our metabolism as well. This distillers yeast has a rapid metabolic rate, and has a high tolerance to alcohol, making it an excellent candidate for producing a wash for distillation. There is a great variance in brewers yeast as well. Bakers yeast is basically useless for producing beer, wine, and liquor of any quality. This is not plain old brewers or bakers yeast, it has been selected and cultured at Alltech Biotech. If it were bakers yeast labeled as distillers yeast, that would be false advertising, which would be illegal. There is no need to send the yeast to a lab to see if there is a difference, that has already been done in the lab that cultured the yeast.

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