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Lallemand Nottingham Ale Dry Yeast (11 grams)

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Lallemand Nottingham Ale Dry Yeast (11 grams)

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A highly versatile ale strain originally from the UK. Danstar Nottingham is another go-to yeast for many brewers. Not just for British style beers, it can be used as an alternative to American-style yeast strains. Nottingham produces a very clean fermentation that allows both malt and hop flavors to comes through.

It is also a fantastic option for hard cider, lending a smooth flavor that balances the natural tartness of apples.

High flocculation and high alcohol tolerance make this yeast perfect for bottle conditioning. Another strain to keep in the fridge for a last minute brew or as a brewing back-up plan. Gluten Free.

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If you are looking for amazing versatility from an ale yeast, look no further than Nottingham dry brewing yeast. Nottingham offers great performance with every batch, allowing brewers to cover a wide variety of beer styles with just one yeast type.

The Nottingham strain was selected for its highly flocculant & relatively full attenuation properties. It produces low concentrations of fruity and estery aromas and has been described as neutral for ale yeast, allowing the full natural flavor of malt & hops to develop.

The recommended fermentation temperature range of this strain is 14° to 21°C (57° to 70°F) with good tolerance to low fermentation temperatures (12°C/54°F) that allow this strain to be used in lager-style beer. With a relatively high alcohol tolerance, Nottingham is a great choice for creation of higher-alcohol specialty beers!
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Great yeast for clean flavor
I have used this yeast many times for everything from porters to pale ales and have always had great results. I do get some sulfur production when I ferment in the lower 60's but it's never lingered in the beer flavor or aroma. I also love that this yeast flocculates out and gives extremely clear beer after only a couple of weeks in primary. _x000D__x000D_The only "complaint" I have is that this yeast attenuates almost too well sometimes and can really dry a beer out so don't use Nottingham if you want a sweeter, malty finish. _x000D__x000D_Don't forget to rehydrate per the directions on the package and the Danstar website.
January 16, 2013
Old reliable!
If someone were to tell me that I could only use one yeast the rest of my life, this would be it. 100% reliable starter. Clean, neutral fermentation. I have used it up to 13.5% ABV with only one packet in 5 gallons. Guaranteed success with this one.
December 26, 2013
Excellent Yeast...
This is a very active, fast-starting yeast. Pitched it dry (11g) into a California common (Steam) wort (5gal). It started within 6 hours and I could see it was going to be active... 2" creamy, white foam by 8 hours. Overnight, it blew right through the airlock (never saw that before) and I had brown splatter on the ceiling (with 12" of headspace). _x000D_Caution: use a blowout tube with this yeast... airlocks can't contain it.
March 3, 2012
Hard working yeast, mini furnace
I use Nottingham most of the time and it raises the temperature four to five degrees. I pitch at the lowest recommended temperature and set it in a water filled tub at 60 degrees. It keeps the temperature of the beer in the low to mid 60's. After a week I let it slowly come up to 68 to 70. These yeast ate all the sugar in sight and the beer finishes clean and tastes great.
January 29, 2013
Good Neutral yeast
I like that it flocculates so well, and doesn't produce fruity esters. It's a nice clean neutral yeast. I have a couple of packs for emergencies like a stuck fermentation.
March 28, 2013
good for very dry beer
this yeast has so far never given me a problem. ive used it in many styles. weissen, stout, IPA even sodas. its just the right yeast if you want a crisp clean very dry beer. this yeast will leave no residual sweatness at all, perfect for IPA. one problem is way to expensive at $4 each
December 25, 2011
Good yeast, way too expensive now
Nottingham has been a good performer for me, especially if I'm seeking more attenuation and a fairly clean profile but still in a British style._x000D__x000D_But with Danstar's latest pricing, I'm not buying it any more. It was a nice bargain at $1.40 just a few months ago. Now at $4.00, it's stupid. A 285% increase in 3 months? Really guys? C'mon._x000D__x000D_Write to Danstar and tell them that they really screwed up with this price increase._x000D_
August 23, 2011
What happened here!
I've used this yeast before and was using liquid yeast, but wanted to replace my 'backup' dry yeast as the last couple had expired. I went to order several of these and WHEN I SAW THE PRICE I WAS SHOCKED!!! Why would anyone buy this when they can order liquid yeast? Dry yeast has no value if it costs nearly 3 times what it used to for no good reason other than to rip off the homebrewer, right?_x000D_Goodbye Nottingham, hello Whitelabs!
November 1, 2012
great dry yeast
I always have this and us-05 on hand, clean ferments, one of the best dry yeasts.
January 24, 2014
good ale yeast
I always have a pack of this on hand. If you ferment in the low to mid 60's you'll have a pretty clean beer. The price is good too.
October 30, 2010
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I filter my wort before bottling. How much of this yeast should I add to my 5 gal brew after filtering to properly carbonate my bottled beer?
Marc D on Apr 8, 2018
BEST ANSWER: This will likely depend on the efficiency of your filtering, as well as how much patience you have. If your filter is not extremely efficient, you may not need to add any at all, as there will still be small amounts of yeast - enough to carbonate. Remember that yeast, provided sugar to eat, will reproduce. Maybe take a dab of trub from the fermenter (less than the packet's worth) and mix that in instead if you're worried about it? At most, add 1 packet.

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