EZ Cap Swing Top Beer Bottles - 16 oz. Cobalt Blue, case of 12

  • EZ Cap Swing Top Beer Bottles - 16 oz. Cobalt Blue, case of 12

EZ Cap Swing Top Beer Bottles - 16 oz. Cobalt Blue, case of 12

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Beautiful beer bottles to showcase your homebrew!
Cobalt Blue 16 oz. EZ Cap Beer Bottles, CASE OF 12

Capping your beer bottles just got easier with our 16-oz. Cobalt blue EZ cap beer bottles that use the innovative Grolsch-style swing-caps. Keep the freshness in with EZ seals while the blue color keeps out harmful UV rays.

  • 1 case: 12 bottles per case
  • Rubber gaskets last 5-6 uses
  • Blue color keeps visible light and UV rays from spoiling the beer
  • Standard crown caps may be used with these bottles; a bench capper is needed.

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SKU 41011

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Elegant Bottles

These bottles add some class to your home brew. However, sometimes they do not seal well. I highly recommend replacing the washer-like gaskets with high-pressure Grolsch gaskets. The better gaskets resemble little "hats" rather than "washers" so there is less opportunity to leak away the CO2 that you want for a little bit of fizz. Also, the high-pressure gaskets are thicker so they make a better seal. You can find the high-pressure Grolsch gaskets on the web. I would have given these bottles 5 stars if they came with these gaskets. Happy brewing.

I love these but don't loan them out

I do not give people cider in these anymore because they don't come back. I use them for your entertaining at home and that's it.... unless I want to keep buying them.


sorry i bought this just because i love the color ,... bonus love the ez cap tops works great for beer and kombucha


Great product. Easy to assemble caps on bottles. Easy to seal. Seal is secure. Friends love the cobalt blue color.

beautiful but 33% failure rate on first use

Bought two cases and in the first use I have 4 out of the first twelve opened failing to carbonate. Since sugar was added to bottling bucket, I know all the beer had the same chance. I have used a variety of EZ cap products, including one liter cobalt and 32 oz clear, and never had new products seal so poorly. Heck, even with my recycled Grolsch- on I don't even know how many reuses- I maybe lose one beer out of 48 to needing a new gasket. Would not buy again as they feel quite tight when closing but are just not sealing.