Oak Chips: American Medium Toast

  • American Medium Toasted Oak Chips in a pile

Oak Chips: American Medium Toast

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These chips were roasted between 350 - 375 °F to give them a medium toast. American Oak Chips will allow you to imitate storing your wine in an oak barrel without the expense. A medium toast will give you notes of vanilla and caramel. Add more complexity to your wine by using oak chips. American oak chips have more bite, or aggressive flavor, than French oak chips. For white wine, 1 cup of chips is recommended. Try 2 cups for a red wine. Simply boil in water for 10 minutes, then drain and place the chips in your plastic or glass fermenter before transferring.

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Steve C.
Toasted oak for infusions in bitters

Love the ability to order toasted oak medium at any time and you always have it. I use them in so many bitters. Www.venasfizzhouse.com

londos s.
Excellent products

Awesome product it worked great it gives a good aroma and taste to match

Jerry H.
Oak chips

Work as expected

Jared P.

To be honest it made it a little dry

Thom R.
barrel age w/o the barrel

I put 4oz of chips in three mason jars with: Port Wine, Jamison, Brandy. That ages for 6 months. I make a Port Wine Porter, a irish red ale and a milk stout all age for 6 months with the chips added. I have also made a scotch scotch ale.