Oak Cubes - American Medium Toast

  • Oak Cubes - American Medium Toast

Oak Cubes - American Medium Toast

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Barrels used to be the home winemakers only choice for imparting oak flavor in their wines. These high quality oak cubes allow you to achieve the same quality of oak flavor that you taste in good wines. These are the same cubes used by many wineries in Napa Valley. Oak staves (the wooden strips that oak barrels are constructed of) are air dried for two to three years, then traditionally fire-toasted and cubed. Since three varieties are available, you are able to blend different levels of toast to achieve different effects. While the heavy-toast cubes are recommended for big reds that benefit from a heavy, caramelized oak flavor, they may also be used to supplement the medium-toast cubes for a more subtle flavoring. Many of our customers use a blend of French and American cubes, usually using the French cubes in a higher percentage. We have had success blending all three oaks, again using the French in the highest percentage.

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I used these in a previous brew after soaking in bourbon. It made both the beer and the bourbon taste better!

Gift Purchase

I purchased a few products online for a Christmas gift for my stepfather, and have only great things to say about Midwest Supplies. The variety of beer kits available is terrific. I love the customer feedback, especially tips on adding supplemental ingredients. That is how I found out about the American Oak Cubes which is a small bag of oak tree pieces that can be added during the beer making stage to impart oaky notes (vanilla, toast, complexity, roundness, etc.). I drew on my experience as a wine drinker, and although the beer is not ready yet, I believe it will be delicious!

Cubes are Good

Cubes are the easiest form of oak for me to handle. Flavor is great; very predictable results.

Different taste from chips

The cubes give a different oak taste than chips do. Adding them to the secondary for a few weeks gives a good oak taste similar to a beer that was conditioned in a cask. Get the barrel taste without owning a barrel.

Works in both beer and wine

I used an ounce for 2 months in a Chardonnay and it was terrific._x000D_I use 2 ounces in a porter (soaked in 4 ounces of Bourbon) for 2 months and it had a strong oak flavor.