Ames Farm Artisanal Minnesota Honey

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Ames Farm Artisanal Minnesota Honey

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We offer this honey for its excellent value. Unlike the varietal honeys we sell, this honey is sourced from many nectar sources and then blended to produce a highly consistent product. Light-amber color, neutral flavor make this a good base for sweet, fruit, and spiced meads. Pasteurized and filtered.

Ames Farm of Watertown, MN produces nationally-recognized artisanal honey in small batches with utmost attention to quality and craft. Without a centralized area of production, Ames uses a unique "virtual apiary:" 300 hives and a network of orchards and beeyards throughout central and southern Minnesota, combined with old-world apiary techniques almost unheard of in North America to create a floral portrait of time, seasons, places, and plants. Now Ames Farm has teamed with Midwest Supplies to make their truly exceptional honey available to meadmakers everywhere!

Ames Farm honey is raw honey - never heated or processed - and is gently extracted from combs with a centrifugal extractor that requires careful attention to detail by a master beekeeper. This means that all of the floral source's volatile aroma and flavor compounds are intact when you receive the honey and prepare your must. Raw honey will crystallize - this is normal and will not affect the flavor or fermentability of your mead. Crystallized honey can be liquified by gently warming the container in a pot of hot water.

This honey is crafted from a blend of floral sources native to the prairies and oak savannas of central Minnesota. In keeping with the true nature of honey as a constantly evolving, "vintage" agricultural product, the floral sources and composition of Ames Farm honey will change with the season and years, and are dependent on variables like hive placement and weather.

Reliable primary sources are basswood, sweet clover, and dutch clover in early summer, with goldenrod and thistle coming on in late summer. Wildflower and alfalfa (with a lovely vanilla note) can be expected at times as well. Secondary sources include birdsfoot trefoil, boneset, blue vervain, and wild bergamot.

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