Carbonating Stone with 1/4" Barb, 0.5 micron

  • 0.5 micron carbonating stone with quarter-inch barb

Carbonating Stone with 1/4" Barb, 0.5 micron

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Carbonate your beer just like the pros with this 0.5 Micron Carbonating Stone with 1/4" Barb. Simply attach one end to a couple of feet of 1/4" tubing to the end of the dip tube inside of the keg, and the other end to The Stone. Make sure you attach hose clamps to both connections. Then set your regulator to about 2 psi, and the gas will be forced through the millions of tiny pores in the stone, which dissolves the gas into the liquid. Carbonates your beer overnight.

Note: To prevent the pores from getting clogged, Midwest recommends not handling the porous end directly with your fingers.

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SKU 7867

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Oxygenate your work

Oxygenate your wort to the full extent with this sized stone. The O2 dissolves more easily._x000D_My first stone blocked and no matter what I did I couldn't clean it. Now I run the O2 for a few extra seconds while soaking in a cup of PBW. I turn it off and let it sit for days, making sure nothing sticks. I've not had problems since.

Soak in PBW after using

Pros_x000D_Great job of dissolving Oxygen into your must_x000D__x000D_Cons_x000D_Easily blocks, must soak in PBW afterwards

Blocks easily

I used it to Oxygenate my wort and I learned my lesson when I first used it. I handled it while cleaning it and didnt blow out the accumulated wort._x000D_Use gloves and after using it, set it in a cup of PBW and blow through it.

Oxygenate your wort

The smaller the bubble the better, and even after I oxygenate my wort I shake the bucket to dissolve any Oxygen in the head space back into the wort. It clogs easily so soak it in a small container of PBS after using.

Clogs too easily

I put mine in boiling water, then star san, after using. It still clogs too easily. I use gloves so oils from my hands wont clog them