Draft Brewer® BeerBrite Filtration System

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  • Draft Brewer® BeerBrite Filtration System

Draft Brewer® BeerBrite Filtration System

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Beer in full technicolor—clean, crisp and crystal-clear. The BeerBrite System filters out suspended yeast and particulates for startlingly bright beer.

Taste your beer for the first time, look at a pint of it with new eyes, and wow your friends and family with the absolute commercial quality of your homebrew. The BeerBrite System filters out suspended yeast and particulates for startlingly bright beer.

Filtering is used in craft and commercial breweries to give a finishing polish of exceptional clarity. 

Designed for use with your existing keg system, the BeerBrite makes filtering easy and inexpensive. Reveal the true character of your brew and taste its full profile in ultra-high resolution. 

System includes: Filter housing, filter cartridges and tubing connections. 

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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SKU FS9501

Customer Reviews

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The coarser filter made a big difference on the clarity of my Homebrew. The finer filter kept the keg clean removing the yeast.
( I used a bottle bucket to keg in order to gravity feed the filter since I don't have a second keg yet, worked great though no complaints)


If you are kegging, there's no reason not to include this step.

Almost a good implementation

The filter works well as it should, and the included backflush assembly makes that step easy. The hoses are good length for the operation.

The one big flaw is that the hoses are connected directly to NPT fittings on the filter head. Assembly is complicated by the dangling hoses. Hoses are difficult to clean without unscrewing them from the plastic head, and difficult to reassemble without spoiling sanitation.

A better implementation would use flare fittings on the filter head and all four hose ends.

Clearly works well

I have used the Beerbrite two times now. It performed very good. It is very easy to use. For 3.99 a cartridge it is well worth the investment.