Reconditioned Pin Lock Keg

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Reconditioned Pin Lock Keg

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Perfect for your kegging your homebrew, cider, or soda! These soda kegs have been cleaned with a caustic soda rinse. Caustic cleaner does have a sweet smell to it - similar to sprite or 7-UP. At one-quarter the price of a new keg, these are a fantastic value!

Perfect for kegging your homebrew, cider, or soda, these reconditioned pin lock 5-gallon kegs are used, but have been tested and approved to hold pressure – their most important task. Though the exteriors may have cosmetic damage, we guarantee that they are pressure-capable and we personally pressure test each and every one when it comes through our doors.

Along with pressure testing each keg, we replace the lid o-rings and outer-post o-rings, if needed. Many of our competitors do not do this, but we want to make absolutely sure you are satisfied – even if it's a used keg at a low price! Our technicians have also cleaned each keg with a caustic soda rinse – but even so – the keg may retain a sweet smell similar to a lemon-lime soft drink. The keg exteriors have not had extensive cleaning, so as with most "used" soda kegs we recommend that you thoroughly clean the keg inside (again) and out before using.

A note about o-rings: If you are concerned about the condition of the o-rings you may purchase extra o-rings separately, in case any tear during use.

Because these kegs are used, many show exterior wear and tear that will not affect the keg's performance to hold pressure. Holding pressure is the keg's main function, and it will keep your beer tasting fresh and delicious. The affordability of buying "reconditioned" is definitely worth a few scratches and dents.

These kegs are sourced from a variety of vendors and are not customer returns. They may not look new, but they work like new, thus the major discounted price from that of a brand new keg.

22" Tall x 8.75" diameter.

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SKU K044

Customer Reviews

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Raymond T.
pinlock kegs

Bought 4. 3 were in good shape, fourth was a bit beat up but able to make it hold carbonation

Matt S.
More just used than reconditioned, but it works!

It works, it holds pressure, that's what counts. The one thing I was slightly disappointed in was that the handle is about ready to fall off making it tricky to carry. Other than that it works fine and doesn't look bad at all. Just wish it were easier to carry.

Misty J.

There was damage on the flange around the opening so it doesn't seal correctly. Also, It is a firestone pin lock keg which requires a conversion kit if you don't have that type of connectors.

Adrian V.
Santa Rasta Brewing Co

All equipment bought arrived in the timely matter expected, no surprises, no complaints!

Joel J.
had to get soda keg

had to get soda keg connectors for my kegerator hoses, but it works!