Festivus Miracle Holiday Ale Beer Recipe Kit

  • Festivus Miracle Holiday Ale homebrew in a glass

Festivus Miracle Holiday Ale Beer Recipe Kit

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Beneath a mountain of snowy froth lies the garnet-hued elixir of celebrations to come. A glint of orange peel invigorates the senses, cascading into a full-bodied pillar of Festivus ale. Adornments of holiday spice warm the nose as delicate hints of stone fruit, raisin and caramel wrestle for center stage. Toasty malt adds complexity to the impressive mouthfeel for a comforting, prolonged finish.

Feats of strength! Airing of grievances! The infamous aluminum Festivus pole! This miraculous pint of ale is a tradition for Festivus holidays to come. It's mildly spiced, yet packed with sufficient ABV to ensure winter-time glory; if you don't successfully pin down the head of the household, a few pints of Festivus Miracle will.


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Additional Information

SKU B10310
Beer Color Amber
Original Gravity


Total Time to Make 6 weeks
Regional Style USA
Alcohol Content Medium
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style Spice or Fruit Beer
Fermentation Type Ale
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Customer Reviews

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I love making this one for the holidays! Always a hit and fun to make.

Mark B.
Superb Holiday Ale with Options

This is my third time making Festivus. The options are how much mulling spices and orange peel to add. Recipe calls for half bag of each and that is good. If you like it spicy go for both bags… Only took about 1 week to ferment and it was very active, yeast. Great Ale, I’ll make this again next year, maybe two because it goes quick!

Don T.
Very good beer!

This is a very good beer. I am very pleased with the way this beer turned out. All I need now is a fireplace with a nice fire burning, Christmas snow gently falling and the knowledge that I don't have to go outside unless I want to. Oh, one other thing, I'd really like my wife and dog to be with me as well.
I've shared this beer with a few family members and everyone loves it! I did use the entire packet of spices and I really don't think it is too strong at all. It is a great winter warmer. This is the beer we will be drinking on Christmas eve!

Dale M.
Good start

Just brewed our first Festivus Ale this past weekend. It bubbled voraciously in the primary for the first 24 hours. We will be eagerly awaiting developments.

Mark B.
Just in time for Christmas Eve!

I purchased this and forgot I had it for the BIG day, I started it and kegged it within 2.5 weeks and it came out great. Primary was 5 days and it actually clogged the relief and bulged my plastic fermentor, secondaried for 12 days and kegged it on Christmas Eve for a party. Came out better than I expected. I did add all the mulling spices and 3/4 of the orange peels. I can smell the orange and spices and taste them as well. Dark, sweet, spicy and lightly orangy. This was a hit at the party, very happy with this kit.