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Malting Company of Ireland's Distillers Malt is produced from Irish 2-row spring barley which is grown with all the benefits of fertile soils, mild temperate oceanic climate, and the long growing season. These factors help to provide a malting barley with very large and plump kernels. The combination of large full grains and our malting process produces a malt high in extract and fermentability which forms the backbone of several famous Irish whiskeys and continues to be a firm favorite for many distilleries.

More about Malting Company of Ireland (MCI):

The Malting Company of Ireland Limited has been producing the highest quality malted grains since 1858. As the leading Irish-owned maltings, we pride ourselves on providing a range of high quality, whole-grain Irish Malted Barley products to the brewing and distilling industry.MCI can trace its heritage back to Beamish & Crawford’s old floor maltings, situated in the heart of Cork city, on the banks of the River Lee. While geographically only moving a few miles further south the advances in technology over the years are impressive.

MCI malt is produced in their modern state-of-the-art maltings in Cork. Under the watchful eyes of their committed staff, the barley is steeped in water from their own wells before being germinated under carefully controlled conditions. MCI's malting process preserves the natural goodness of the barley and accounts for the provenance of every grain. Rigorous quality checks are carried out at every stage of the process from barley supply through to malt delivery.

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W087I - Unmilled
C087I - Crushed
G087K - 55lb Sack Unmilled

Extract Percentage

82.2% Fine Grind




Moisture Percentage


Soluble Total Protien


Grain Usage

Up to 100%

Grain Type International Base Malt
Malt Color Light (0-15° L)

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