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Safale K-97 Yeast Safale K-97 Yeast SafAle K-97 German Ale Dry Yeast New England IPA flavor characteristics

SafAle K-97 German Ale Dry Yeast

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German ale brewer’s yeast producing subtle fermentation character. Depending on the conditions tend to present floral and balanced fruity character. Ideal for delicate beers such as German Kolsch beers, Belgian Wits and some versions of Session Beers. Suitable for heavily hopped beers and has the ability to form a large firm head when fermenting. Its lower attenuation profile makes for beers with a good mouthfeel. 

Yeast Features:

  • Fermentation Temperature: 59–68F 
  • Attenuation: 80–84%
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 9-11%

Perfect strain to ferment:

  • German Kolsch
  • German Alt
  • Berliner Weisse 
  • Gose
  • NEIPA - New England IPAs
  • IPAs

Looking to brew a NEIPA? Fermentis offers 3 great strains for brewing New England IPAs.

SafAle S-33 has the juiciest character and allows the release of intense hop tropical notes. 

SafAle K-97 has the greenest, herbal and citrus side of the hop character.

SafAle S-04 releases more stone fruit notes and citrus character.

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Yeast Format Dry
Flocculation Medium
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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for Kolsch

This yeast is perfect for a Kolsch. My recipe was 95% German Pilsner and 5% Munich type 2. SG:1.044 FG:1.010. If you want a clean profile ferment at 59F, I did a diacetyl rest at 73F for 3 days before kegging. You can lager it if you want but I just put in the the fridge and after a day it was clear (I used finings). So, for the skeptics and dry yeast naysayers, Yes this is a Kolsch strain in a dried form (I think is the same as the new Lallemand dry Kolsch yeast). Also please stop treating dry yeast as a red headed step-child. Don't throw it into wort and expect perfect performance, please re-hydrate it appropriately and take care of if as much as you take care of your liquid yeast when you make starters. If you hate lag time like me, use this because if you follow procedures dry yeasts like this one will be active in less than 12 hours and will make quick work of your beer.

Exactly what you want

I use this in my alt and kolsch. Like it a lot because I can get a cooler ferment and really change the character without changing how it works. It clears excellent when I crash the beer after ferment to 40 degree's for a couple days, then lager it in keg for another 2 weeks. First pour is as clean as the last.

This yeast is quite strong

I have now made two batches of Kolsch beer using this yeast. I had others taste my beer against a commercial variety and have been told it is hard to tell what was homebrewed versus the commercial variety. I have not followed the directive to make a starter or rehydrate first, but this yeast is so strong, I have had to swap my bubbler airlocks for a hose to a bucket filled with water, because the yeast takes off strong and has pushed foam through my airlocks. The beer produced is very clean and is a very good example of what a Kolsch should be.


I have never had an airlock blow out before this batch. This is an exceedingly high top cropping yeast and it did just that. I would recommend using it with batches that are about a gallon less than usual, or with fermenters with a lot of headspace. That being said it established and began fermenting quickly.