Sprecher Root Beer, 1 gallon

  • 1-gallon jug of Sprecher Root Beer

Sprecher Root Beer, 1 gallon

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Sprecher Sodas are made by the famous brewery of the same name from Wisconsin. These sodas are easy to make, and are very good.These commercial quality concentrates can only be used with forced carbonation keg systems. Just mix 1 gallon of concentrate with 4 gallons of water and force carbonate.

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SKU 5590

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Joseph M.
The best root beer extract!

We offer this root beer in our tap room as an alternative to can sodas, etc. Kids and adults alike love it!

Matt N.
Great tasting root beer!

Very easy to make. I put 4 gallons of water into a keg and let it carbonate about 5 days while I waited on the root beer to arrive. Slowly poured the root beer into the keg and DONE.

Mark O.

Root beer super creamy remind me of a Vergils type very good plus the fact it’s all organic honey

Kevin G.
Super Good

This is always a staple beverage in our tapper along side home brews. Some days you just feel like a cold rootbeer with pizza or other snack and this is very easy to make. 1 jug of this to 4 gals of clean water in a clean keg and put co2 on it. good to go in a week. I always fill 2 kegs so when one goes dry the other is ready to go asap. It doesn't go bad. just keep it cool and co2 on it.

Tim R.
Best Root Beer

We love this stuff for root beer on tap. It’s creamy and one of my favorites.