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Sterling Hop Rhizome - Preorder




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The Sterling Rhizome is an aroma hybrid of Saaz and Cascade. It's sort of an 'American Pale Ale meets Bohemian Pilsner' type of hop. It is similar to Saaz with a choice delicate bitterness and slightly spicy, herbal/floral aroma with hints of citrus. 6.0 - 8.0% AA. Grows well in all climates and has good resistance to mildew.
  • Usage: Aroma
  • Aroma: Herbal and spicy with a hint of floral and citrus
  • Alpha Acids: 6.0 — 9.0%
  • Substitutions: Czech Saaz
  • Typical Beer Styles: Pilsner, Lager and Belgian-style Ales

Growing your own Sterling hops is easy! Rhizomes are root cuttings of the female hop plant. Simply plant in well drained soil in a sunny location with room to climb and they’ll grow like weeds providing beautiful foliage and shade. Harvest and dry the cones for use in your own homegrown homebrew.
  • These are a pre-order, and will ship directly from the supplier as soon as they are available (mid April). 
  • The minimum order is two (2) rhizomes, they can be different types.
  • Please provide a USPS-deliverable address with these orders. If you have a PO Box address and wish to order rhizomes, please include ONLY rhizomes on that order. 
  • Due to local restrictions, we cannot ship rhizomes to HI, AK, WA, or ID.
  • Ordering two of each variety desired is optimal to encourage production and the greatest chances of success.

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1st time hop farmer

They seemed fine. I'm new to hop growing so not mush to go by. They looked healthy. Good instructions. Came at the right time. They're in t he ground now. Just waiting for harvest time and brewing.

Sterling hop rhizome

This plant has performed well since year the first year. No problems with bugs or disease to this point.