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Stopper Thermowell

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Use in conjunction with a Digital Temperature Controller and an Electric Fermentation Heater (#40535) for complete control over fermenting temperatures in cool environments. Fits 3, 5, 6, or 6.5 gallon glass carboys. Not compatible with Better Bottles.

Compatible with the Thermostar® and Johnson Digital temperature controllers..

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SKU 40054

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Best thermowell

Works great with my plastic fermenter and carboy. Has to get an S bubbler to fit with the Thermowell. But it works great.

Does not fit Carboy

Stopper does not fit standard carboy. Would not recommend this product.

We've tested this thermowell and found it to be compatible with our 3, 5, 6, and 6.5 gallon glass carboys. There is a lot out there in terms of carboys, especially with older ones that have been around for decades, and some of those may have different opening sizes. Please contact us directly if the fit is poor on one of our carboys, and we'll be certain to help get things straightened out. We can do a return, otherwise.
Works Great

I was a little concerned from reading some of the reviews. While the included double hole stopper may be too small to easily fit some carboys, it is a perfect fit for the plastic Big Mouth Bubbler. I plan on switching from glass carboys over to the plastic BMB so I will be glad to use this. Another concern I had was if the temp probes that I am using for my BrewPi would fit and they do. I have the stainless sealed probes from china. I also use a STC1000 in another fermentation chamber. This probe also fits perfectly.

Very Useful with Johnson Control

A must have to control the temperature of your wort. Works great out of the box._x000D_Additionally, if you like to cook, this device along with a Johnson control and a croc-pot make for a great, affordable sous-vide system.

Necessary equipment

This is the second thermowell/stopper combo I've aquired. They're dead useful. Looked a little dingy coming out of the box, but cleaned up great. I'll be using to maintain temperature for a sour mash.