Summer Squeeze Lemon Shandy All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

  • Summer Squeeze Lemon Shandy All Grain homebrew in a drinking glass surrounded by lemons with a customer caution in red text: "Advanced, additional equipment needed" to brew this recipe kit
Summer Squeeze Lemon Shandy All Grain homebrew in a drinking glass surrounded by lemons with a customer caution in red text: Summer Squeeze Lemon Shandy in a glass surrounded by lemons Summer Squeeze Lemon Shandy Tasting Radar

Summer Squeeze Lemon Shandy All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

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Product Details

Shining with a slightly hazy, golden radiance and topped with fluffy clouds of brilliant white foam, Summer Squeeze Lemon Shandy delivers a refreshing slice of summertime in every sip! Like a trip to the corner lemonade stand – with a deliciously grown-up detour – this shandy combines an all-American style wheat beer with a heaping dose of real crystallized lemon. The result is an incredibly refreshing session-strength ale featuring the tang of freshly-squeezed lemonade without the sugary sweetness.

Perfect for any outdoor activity, from swimming holes to sandlot pickup games, Summer Squeeze Lemon Shandy is a great go-to, whether you’re looking for a fun, easy-going seasonal fling, or summery brew so refreshing, you’re happy to sip it all year long.

Brewing Notes:

  • Style: American Wheat Beer/Fruit Beer
  • Fermentation Range: 59 - 74 F
  • OG: 1.045
  • SRM: 4.5
  • IBUs: 14
  • ABV: 4.4%

Tasting Notes:

  • Aroma: Noticeable wheat-like maltiness with moderate fruity esters and pronounced lemon aroma.
  • Appearance: Deep golden straw color with a slight haze. Firm, lasting brilliant white foam cap.
  • Flavor: Smooth malt character of freshly baked bread with faint notes of water crackers. Low bitterness is just noticeable with prominent, refreshingly tart freshly squeezed lemonade flavors lingering after swallowing.
  • Mouthfeel: Medium-low body with moderate creaminess and a slight tartness on the back of the tongue.
  • Overall Impression: An easy sipping sessionable ale with well-balanced malt and hop character and a refreshing, lingering lemonade flavor on the finish.

Brewmaster Brad's Thoughts:

"Not much is more refreshing than an ice-cold glass of fresh lemonade, or for that matter, a cold, lower ABV American Wheat Beer. Brewers have known this to be a great combination for a long time, and it is high time for a recipe kit featuring this classic combination. The base beer is a simple American Wheat with moderately low bitterness and then it is dosed with real, all-natural, preservative-free crystallized lemon. Not to be confused with lemonade mixes or soft drink mixes, the crystallized lemon in this recipe is just that – lemon. Since the crystallized lemon contains no sugar, the beer gets a delicious dose of lemonade flavor without adding additional fermentables that could lead to a renewed fermentation or possible over-carbonation in the bottle. Give this one a whirl, it is truly a refreshing treat even for the biggest of hop heads."


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Additional Information

SKU B11504
Beer Color Light
Original Gravity


Total Time to Make 6 weeks
Regional Style USA
Alcohol Content Low
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style American Wheat Beer, Fruit Beer
Fermentation Type Ale
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Joe G.
Lemon goodness

Very nice lemon flavor. Brewed on a Sunday and kegged it in 6 days. Recipe said it would make 4.6% abv but I got 5.6. I guess my efficiency was way higher than normal. I usually get around 82% using the northern brewer cooler system. It’s good beer though. I did up the crystallized lemon from 12 grams to 16. It gave a nice lemon bite without being sour.

Taylor L.
Refreshing & Drinkable

I followed the recipe to the letter but this is still my 4th brew in total so I'm open to the possibility that I did something wrong somewhere. The end result was still a very delicious, refreshing beer, but the "beer" taste was very light. It was more of a crisp watery lemonade with some beer taste which wasn't what I was expecting. Still happy with the results, though, and it's great to have a glass on a hot day!

Brandon M.
It’s almost gone already!

Everyone loved it! I’ll probably do this again.

Crowd Pleaser

I had this kegged and ready for an outdoor (social distancing) Father's Day party with family. It turned out very well. The perfect amount of lemon flavor. I would brew this again in a heartbeat.

Austin G.
Perfect Summer Brew

Will buy this again!