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 If I filter my beer using your filtration system, does all of the yeast get filtered out, leaving none for bottle conditioning?

If I filter my beer can I still bottle condition?

If you are using a filtration system, then you should just force-carbonate your beer. The best and quickest way to filter and carbonate is to keg your beer.

How to Filter and Carbonate Your Home Brew

  • Using the Draft Brewer Beer Filtration Systemplace the “Coarse” filter into the filter housing between the two kegs.
  • Run the beer through the coarse filter from the first keg into the second keg.
  • Replace the coarse filter with the “Polishing or Fine” filter.
  • Run your beer back through the polishing or fine filter into the first keg.
  • Now, just hook up your CO2 tank to the keg, and carbonate (see our article on “How to Force Carbonate Your Beer.

  • If you plan to bottle condition your beer, filtration is not recommended. If, however you really want to filter your beer, you can re-prime the beer by adding a very small amount of highly flocculant yeast I (such as Nottingham) to your bottles.

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