Bootleg Biology Liquid Yeast

Bootleg Biology began in 2013, focusing on the Local Yeast Project - an ongoing attempt to catalog a unique wild yeast strain from every zip code in the U.S. Today, Bootleg has grown into a full-service yeast lab for professional brewers and homebrewers alike. Based in Nashville, TN, Bootleg has earned a reputation for creative cultures that meet the rigorous demands of a brewery while still satisfying brewers’ goals to push the envelope.

We hand-selected 12 of their strains to showcase the diversity of what they offer. These are being propagated special for our first order to make sure you receive the freshest yeast possible. From crispy lagers and juicy IPAs to complex mixed fermentations, Bootleg has a culture for every brew. Using Bootleg cultures ensures your beer stands out while still delivering familiar, predictable results.