Plastic Lid for 7.9 gallon Fermenter - Drilled

  • Drilled Plastic Lid for 7.9 gallon Fermenters

Plastic Lid for 7.9 gallon Fermenter - Drilled

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This 7.9 gallon plastic lid is pre-drilled and comes with a rubber grommet to install your airlock. Come with a rubber seal for a tight fit. This is the replacement lid for our 7.9 gallon fermentor.

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SKU 41179

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Benjamin H.
Does what it needs to

This is a simple no frills primary fermentation bucket. The seal was good, it was large enough to handle a large wine kit and exactly what I needed. I would buy again.

George B.
it's a bucket

So far so good. My old bucket did not leak but the plastic on the sides started breaking off after about seven years.

Howard B.
Perfect as usual


Alan C.
Primary fermentors

They are fine products.

Jim A.
Works as stated

This lid worked fine for my 6.5 gallon fermenter bucket. It seemed to have a nice seal, with a rubber gasket embedded in the lid. Opening the lid was a bit easier than getting it on, working my way around the perimeter and pulling up the edges about 1/6 turn at a time.

The only things that detracted from it were the airlock positioning. Half the time, when attempting to remove the airlock, I pulled the little red seal out instead and had to re-instert it in the hole. I am somewhat concerned about the fit and longevity of the seal based upon this. The other (very minor) thing is that the placement of the hole on the lid close to the perimeter results in the airlock wanting to sit in there a bit crooked, about 10-15 degrees. Maybe that helps with off-gassing: not sure. worked very well, so I don't have any major complaints.