Which bottle filler should I use?

Midwest stocks four bottle fillers: The Fermtech Plastic filler, a plastic spring tip filler, the 1/2" bottle filler, and The Ferrari Automatic Bottle Filler.

  • The Fermtech Plastic filler is the one included in our Homebrewing Equipment Kits, and is also the least expensive. This bottle filler will work just fine for most homebrewers for a long time. The only difference between this one and the spring tip is the valve; the Fermtech model has a ball valve that works on gravity (when you push down on it, the valve opens, when you let up the valve closes). This valve works great 95% of the time, but occasionally the valve does stick a little bit. Most times this can be avoided by making sure that you clean the filler thoroughly after each use.
  • The Spring Tip filler has a spring valve that works much the same way, but since it has a spring, the valve will not stick open. The spring valve is on the top of the filler, which means that it empties itself out when the valve is released.
  • The 1/2" filler requires a length of 7/16" tubing as well as a 1/2" spigot to run from your bottling bucket to the filler, and fills bottles much faster.
  • The Ferrari Automatic Bottle Filler shuts off automatically when the bottle is full, and the fill-level of the bottle can be adjusted.