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Blichmann WineEasy™ Fermentors

WineEasy™ from Blichmann Engineering™ is technological innovation for home wine making enthusiasts. Serving as both a primary fermenter and a vacuum operated press, the WineEasy™ saves you time, space, and keeps your process clean and sanitary. It is truly an innovative, all-in-one winemaking tool.

The WineEasy™ system is comprised of 3 main parts, each sold separately:
A Fermentor, its matching Press Piston, and a Vacuum Press Kit (Pump) .

Wine Fermentor: available in 20, 30 and 55 gallon. Each fermenting tank comes equipped with the ring stand, bottom valve, false bottom assembly and a tight fitting lid.

Wine Press Piston: The Press Piston MUST MATCH your fermentor size (20, 30 and 55 gallon). Please note: You will need ONE piston for each different size fermentor you have in your winery. If you have multiple fermentors of ONE size you only need ONE piston.

Wine Vacuum Press Kit: The vacuum press eliminates any wasted components in the wine making process and works with all sizes of fermentors, should you desire to have multiple fermentors and/or different size units in your winery. The vacuum press kit can also be used to degass your wine! You will only need ONE vacuum press kit for your winery no matter what quantity or size fermentors you have.

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