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Fermentation Equipment

Everyone can use another carboy, then another fermenting bucket, then another carboy and so on. Once you have these batches in various stages of fermentation, some siphon tubing is needed to keep the flow of vino moving along. Add Better Bottles with racking adapters to the arsenal of fermenting vessels to easily transfer wine off the lees into secondary and Brew Belts to keep fermentation temperatures up even in winter months. Use the 6.5 gallon carboy or the 7.9 plastic fermenter for primary, and the 6 gallon glass carboy or Better Bottle for secondary of the Winexpert recipe kits. Smaller batches of wine from fruit or fruit bases work well in the 5 gallon carboy and keep a 3 gallon on hand for Chocolate Raspberry Port every year. Remember that while you can use a brush on glass, you shouldn't on plastic fermenters as it might scratch and give bacteria a place to hide.

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