11.5" Titan™ Universal False Bottom

  • Detail view of the Titan™ 11.5 Inch universal False Bottom: topside view
Detail view of the Titan™ 11.5 Inch universal False Bottom: topside view 11.5 inch Fermenter’s Favorites® Titan™ Universal False Bottom: underside view

11.5" Titan™ Universal False Bottom

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The strongest, most effective false bottom on the planet—introducing the Titan™ Universal False Bottom for better beer, no matter how you brew it. Titan™ delivers high efficiency, clarity and a solid grain bed whether you mash in a MegaPot 1.2™, a cooler or a keggle.

A false bottom acts as a strainer, preventing grain particles from draining into the boil kettle with wort. An essential piece of all-grain equipment, we've built the Titan™ to be stronger and more effective than any other false bottom.

Our brewmasters have thrown every worst-case brewing situation at the Titan™. It has never clogged and never collapsed. The two-piece proprietary Titan™ pickup tube supports the dome to withstand whatever pressure your biggest brew day can muster.

The Titan™ pickup tube gets closer to the floor of your mash tun than any other false bottom. You'll be able to transfer more of your wort into the boil kettle, leaving less than ¼" behind in what is called the "dead space".

With its chrome-like sheen and smooth edges, it's a beautiful piece of all-grain equipment that keeps the rest of your equipment beautiful, too. No scratched brewing vessels or clogged ball valves. Just a smooth flow, clear wort and an effective, stress-free brew day.

Required but not included: a 3/8 barb for the inside of your kettle or cooler and a short length of high-temp tubing to connect the barb to the elbow on the false bottom. Worm clamps can also help secure this connection.

Titan™ Size Comparison Chart

Diameter Compatible With
9" Fermenter's Favorites® 7 Gallon Cooler
Fermenter's Favorites® 10 Gallon Cooler, MegaPot 1.2™ 8 Gallon & 10 Gallon
15" MegaPot 1.2™ 15 Gallon
17" MegaPot 1.2™ 20 Gallon
19" MegaPot 1.2™ 30 Gallon

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SKU 41229

Customer Reviews

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You will need tubing and a nipple did not come with it

Nice product works well

perfect for homemade mash tun

I built my own mash tun at home and this was the best option for filtering the wort before boil. Great quality

Very porous!

I used to use a tiny false bottom (Midwest doesn't even sell it any more) in a 5 gallon converted Rubbermaid cooler, and the sparge would get stuck. Now I have the 11.5" Titan and a 10 gallon. Frankly, it flowed too well, and the brew was very cloudy. I recycled a lot trying to establish a good grain bed. I hope I can fix this in the future.


It was a gift. He loved it. He is a home brewer and makes beer all the time.

3 or 4 stars? Ah yeah, 3.

Three because I had to change out parts. The elbow is TALL and stood way above the ball valve on my 10 gal cooler. The hose connection wasn't reliable and it didn't siphon well, would leave at least a half gallon of liquid in the mash tun. So I took the elbow off the old 9 inch, added 1/2 inch of hose for siphon, and got a very good mash result. The point is, though, that as purchased without changing the elbow this gave very disappointing results.