Barrel Mill Premium Oak Barrels - 5 gallon

  • 5-gallon barrel mill premium oak barrel

Barrel Mill Premium Oak Barrels - 5 gallon

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These Barrel Mill Premium Oak Barrels are made of smooth, clear, premium, slow-growing Minnesota White Oak. Built by hand and toasted to perfection by highly experienced coopers. Every barrel is tested before shipping for that final step in quality assurance. If you are considering buying your first barrel or appreciate high quality, these barrels are for you.


  • Width: 10.75"
  • Height: 17.75"
  • Bilge: 12.25"

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SKU 7752

Customer Reviews

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My oaked stout is aging in it now

I had some problems at first but now it's working great. I am very excited to try my beer when it's ready. I plan on using my barrel constantly, always having a pipeline of oaked beer on tap.

My new Bourbon Barrel

I use it for making Bourbon ales, from Bourbon Stout to Porter to Kentucky Bourbon Ale to Barley wine. I age it for just the right amount of time, then rack to a better bottle for long term aging. Great flavor, but requires a fair amount of maintenance.

Our club project - was a lot of fun

For our club we got a barrel for group projects. When we got the barrel last year, it leaked, and Midwest handled it immediately. Now a year later we just tasted the beer and its awesome. The barrel requires more prep work, but it makes a great beer and was a fun project. I'm kind of wishing we got a 10 gallon barrel.

Did not leak

I just successfully kegged my first high gravity batch that had been in the barrel for 8 months. I was lucky and had no leaks. The beer tastes great. It's some work to prepare the barrel and to clean it afterwards, it's not for the faint of heart.

thank you AWE SOME!!!!

I had a barrel i purched 5 gal, when I went to hydraate it It took 9 days to it to stop leaking .I LET midwest supplies know about my problem . I recieved A new barrel at my door in 6 days awesome!!!!!!